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Crush Crush
Crush Crush
  • Sad Panda Studios Ltd
  • Android IOS
  • March 10, 2022
  • 194.8 MB

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ABOUT Crush Crush


Crush Crush - developed and run by Sad Panda Studios, a small Canadian producer and publisher of adult games, Crush Crush is their first and best known game, and it is also free.

 A spare dating simulator game! On a boring weekday when nothing seems to excite people, are you trying to find a fun and frivolous game to pass the time and make you laugh out loud? It's a wonderful coincidence, because it's been looking for you too!

Welcome to Crush Crush - this free dating simulation game! Start your quest to win the hearts of the lovely ladies in town ...... To do this you have to build your stats, unlock amazing new jobs and then take them down with exotic dates, perfect gifts, you will meet different types of beautiful girls, maybe it's love at first sight maybe it's going to be difficult, all in all they will be the perfect date for you! When you reach a certain level of satisfaction, there are small surprises!

How to play

What kind of girls do you like? Is the body sexy character spontaneous beautiful big sister, or not talkative, shy and silent school girl next door. Or is it the sunny beauty who loves sports but is unexpectedly afraid of mice? Come to Crush Crush, cultivate the girl of your choice and get a perfect virtual girlfriend!

The gameplay is to date a large number of girls with different styles and meet various conditions to increase the intimacy, mainly by working to earn money, plus the development of personal ability, sending gifts and dating need money, some girls unlock and increase intimacy requires a personal ability to reach the level. Earn money and cultivate the ability to need time slot, time slot is limited can be increased by increasing the intimacy of the diamond to increase, the diamond can also be used to skip some time.

Although the producer is European and American, but the style of painting is Japanese, cartoon style. The girls in the game are very cute, the picture is exquisite, the music is also relatively soothing, there are some hidden eggs waiting to be discovered, what are you waiting for, come here to pick a cute girl to take home!




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