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Empires & Puzzles
Empires & Puzzles
  • Small Giant Games
  • Android IOS
  • 16 June 2021
  • 130M

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ABOUT Empires & Puzzles


Empires & Puzzles is an innovative take on the RPG, combining triple-play combat with fortress building, in addition to intense PvP duels. Join the battle now!

- Battle - Form up your troops and create combos!

- Build - Rebuild a magnificent battle fortress!

- Collect - summon hundreds of legendary heroes and superb warbands!

- Develop - upgrade your unique heroes!

- Raid - dominate the PvP battlefield with swords and sorcery, and battle players from all over the world!

- Plunder - Raid enemy castles, crush the enemy and win loot!

- Forge - Learn powerful spells and forge magical weapons!

- Upgrade - Upgrade heroes, castles, buildings and special skills!

- Raise - Collect valuable resources to replenish troops and castles!

- Team up - work with allies to defeat powerful Titans!

- Explore - open new worlds and dungeons, complete quests and battles!

- Stunning graphics - Experience detailed monsters, magical creatures, loot and super heroes in a majestic fantasy world with a visual feast of graphics.

This refreshing RPG free-to-play fantasy game combines magical fighters, epic triple-play battles and magnificent castle fortress base building, while adding tense PvP duels for a full-on magical action extravaganza. Become a hero while you still can!

How to play

     Move the beads to form a line of three to initiate elimination. The eliminated beads hit an enemy to cause damage to that enemy.

Four in a row: Creates an emblem which, when clicked, causes a cross-shaped detonation.

Five in a row: Creates a gem of that attribute, click on the gem to detonate all the gems of that attribute in the layout.

In addition, successive eliminations create a combo, the higher the combo, the higher the damage bonus!

 There are five attribute beads in total: Fire (red), Cold (blue), Nature (green), Sacred (yellow) and Darkness (purple). Beads that counteract the enemy's attributes have an extra damage bonus, while beads that are counteracted by the enemy's attributes have their damage halved.

 There are three ways to upgrade your heroes: upgrading, leveling up, and talents.

The higher the rarity of the hero, the more experience it provides. In addition, heroes with the same attributes also provide more experience!

 Special skills: up to level 8. When upgrading a hero, there is a chance to level up the hero's special skills, and there is a higher chance to level up skills with heroes of the same attribute. In addition, feeding the same card has a higher chance of raising the skill level. If the skill level is still not at the maximum level when the hero is at full level, you can feed the hero again and the chance of upgrading will be significantly increased.

When a hero is full level, he can be upgraded. This will consume food and upgrade materials, and special upgrade materials are difficult to obtain, so new players should choose the hero they want to upgrade carefully! After leveling up, you can upgrade again, and then level up again until you reach full level.

Heroes with a full level can be upgraded by opening a talent, and upgrading a talent costs badges.




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