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Forza Horizon 5
Forza Horizon 5
  • Playground Games
  • Android IOS
  • June 12, 2022
  • 20GB+

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ABOUT Forza Horizon 5


The Forza Horizon series has always been a leader in open-world racing games, with each generation's scenario taking us to a beautiful place. After experiencing the beauty of Australia and Europe, this time "Extreme Racing Horizon 5" will present the very special customs of Mexico.

Unlike the UK, Mexico has different landscapes and climates in all parts of the country. There are 11 different landscapes in the game scene, with boulders in the canyons, beaches and palm trees on the tropical coast, trees and waterfalls in the tropical jungle, cacti and sandstorm weather in the living desert, snow on top of the volcanoes, and the distinctive city of Guanajuato, etc. Together with the four seasons, which change weekly, these landscapes and weather can present an exponential diversity. The map also has a huge circular stadium to drive in and play soccer!

Forza Horizon 5 opening part is still exciting, although the official has released a full video of this part, but you can still be shocked by the content of the game if you go to play. This section will roughly take us to see the volcano, desert, jungle, the coast of these landscapes, as well as experience the cover vehicle "Mercedes-AMG ONE" like a Formula 1 car speed sense. After the opening race, the story of Gen 5 follows that of Gen 4, where players have grown from Horizon Carnival rookies to superstars. The game has more options in the character customization section, and there are even prosthetics that can be fitted to you. It is worth mentioning that the protagonist also has a voice, you can freely choose the two male and female voice, the game's plot dialogue can hear the voice of our characters.

How to play

Basic content

The basic content of the game "Horizon Adventure" is divided into six themes, namely main stage, road, dirt, off-road, street and open stunt race. Players can challenge the content of the six themes according to their own preferences and slowly unlock them. If you only play the main line through, the game length is about 1 - hour. Of course, there are many races and stories in the open world to experience, while the official will also regularly update the content to launch new cars, so players do not have to worry about passing the game and then run out of things to play.

Featured modes

In addition to the regular gameplay in racing games, "Extreme Racing: Horizon 5" also provides some interesting modes of play, for example: the new Horizon Arcade pass challenge mode from time to time in the map pink range, so that players gather to participate in multiplayer mini-games is quite interesting, including the challenge of hitting piñata (piñata) let the doctor play a lot of fun! The real piñata is actually a kind of paper container used in Mexican banquets or festivals, and a toy candy will fall out when it is broken by holding a tool.

Reward system

In addition to the previous reward wheelspin system, "Extreme Racing: Forza Horizon 5" also includes a variety of rewards and vehicle collection. The beauty of this system is that it motivates players to actively cheat the game, all with positive feedback, which makes people feel good! The conditions are also varied, for example: how many cacti you hit and how much money you spend are all conditions for unlocking the rewards.

Customization system

For vehicle modification is every generation of "Extreme Racing: Horizon" have, and the fifth generation is the original basis for some optimization, for example: will provide some ready-made paint material, more options for modification, while modifying and even press the throttle to listen to the sound of the engine.




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