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MHA: The Strongest Hero
MHA: The Strongest Hero
  • Sony Pictures Television
  • Android IOS
  • May 23, 2021
  • 75M

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ABOUT MHA: The Strongest Hero


Action-packed adventures in the touchy-feely world of My Hero Academia! Become the hero you always wanted to be in the popular anime, put powerful quirks into battle, and fight villains alongside other players!

Experience the city of Honouchi with its many heroes and trained heroes. Stroll through the streets, greet the locals, and battle the villains who threaten the safety of the world. Collect your favorite characters from MHA and create a squad for patrol! Train them, upgrade them, equip them, and even feed... them (?) Reach the top of the hero rankings!

Become a Hero

Control All Might, Bakugo, Todoroki and many other devices in high octane battles through countless stages. Take on professional hero missions, from protecting people and arresting criminals to rescuing cats! Become a symbol of peace in this bustling city!

Plus mega

Explosions! Anti-gravity! Sound Blast! Detroit SMASH! Fall in love with the incredible graphics and beautifully handcrafted animations. With unique mechanics created for each quirk, you should take extra care in your battles to give your signature moves a cinematic effect!

Go Beyond

Learn the ins and outs of your favorite characters and never lose again! Kick, punch and set up against your opponent in one-on-one duels in real-time PVP arenas. Maximize your combos, take it with a grain of salt, time your abilities, and then go beyond!

Hero Society

You don't have to fight alone! Find other players in the open world to talk to, send emotes and make new friends. Join a union, create your own makeshift hero agency, and decorate the Highland League quarters like a show!

The Villager League

Ever wondered what it would be like to be one of the bad guys? With the arrival of characters like Hero Killer Stain, those looking to experience the power of anime's most feared villains will now have their chance!

Big Events

Daily quests, login bonuses, special stages, big boss fights and new character releases will keep you coming back for more every day! You've been given the right to stand at the starting line, and the journey has only just begun!


Animations from the wacky Deku all the way to the arrest of All for One! Iconic moments and events from the original series play out in scenes rendered in-game and voiced by your favorite voice actors!

How to play

1、Security events

The security events are various copies that can be unlocked by advancing the main quest. From these copies, the most important thing that can be unlocked is of course various exercise props and food props that break the level limit of the character.

However, in the copy of the security events, each level will gain a certain amount of experience, the entire copy can be brushed down to gain a lot of experience. The only cost is just the consumption of action power.

2、Hero Daily

Unlike the side quests, there are a certain amount of side quests for each level, which will be gone after you finish them. However, the Hero Daily will be refreshed every day.

As the level increases, players will also have more daily tasks to complete, which also means more experience to fill the gradually expanding experience needs.

3、Night battle

Night battle is also in the security handbook, "security events of the difficult version", as players level up can unlock the corresponding level, consume action and night patrol challenge book to challenge, not only can get a lot of experience, but also can get in the night battle store to exchange the currency of the chip, but also randomly get more than three stars (with the level of the unlocked level to improve) chip.

4、Office objectives

In addition to the stage goals at a certain level, there are also daily goals. The daily goal is basically to complete some simple fixed operations, you can get a certain amount of experience, although a small single task can get a small amount of experience, but high accessibility ah! And you can get the activity degree and the reputation degree of the office for the day, and you can also receive a lot of experience value when you accumulate the activity degree to a certain degree every day.




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