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Puzzles Survival
Puzzles Survival
  • 37GAMES
  • Android IOS
  • May 14, 2021
  • 146M

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ABOUT Puzzles Survival


Puzzles & Survival is a mash-up of two of mobile gaming's most acclaimed genres - basic construction and triple-play puzzle RPGs.

As you enter the zombie apocalypse of the game, you will take control of your home fortress and try to build it into something magnificent. The best way to do this is to add different sections to the base, place new heroes in the zombie killing army, add useful allies and perform many other tasks. There is a lot to do during your time with Puzzles & Survival, which is why we are here to push you in the right direction. Now it's time to build a base here and fend off the many rigid enemies that seem to be destroying your peace of mind.

A deadly virus outbreak has swept the globe. Almost all of humanity has been turned into zombies. Lead your followers through the end of the world: this is your quest.

Three-disaster puzzles meet strategy! Solve the mystery and build a permeable shelter. The future of humanity is in your hands.

Hint: use your brain to defend your own!

How to play

Puzzles & Survival ad campaign mode acts as a trippy puzzle game with light RPG elements. You often have to face numerous undead threats with five of your best heroes. When it comes to putting a group of heroes together, it's best to always make sure that each hero position is filled by a character from each color category. This means that you should use purple, yellow, red, blue and red hero types in your party at all times. Even though you may have a hero that is stronger than another career type and has the same color category as another hero on your team, it's not really worth putting them on the team. You never want to match a series of puzzles and not be able to get any damage from their attacks because the color type heroes associated with those puzzles are missing.

During the regular puzzle phase, you will face three waves of enemies. Play the match as usual, but watch out for puzzle matches with more than three pieces. These match types will not only create special grenade pieces, thus giving you excellent match/attack power, but will also deal more damage to stiff enemies. Speaking of matches, you should get in the habit of making vertical matches that can cause significant damage to anyone standing over the match. Horizontal matches are great when you're trying to damage multiple enemies, but they work better when you're trying to take out one powerful enemy at a time and are weak to the color type you just matched. Incidentally, vertical matches can also damage multiple enemies if they happen to be next to each other.

A healer on the team is always worthwhile. Their special abilities come in handy, especially when it comes to bosses. When their special ability meter is full, use it as soon as possible if the character and his teammates have taken any damage. You will want to make sure you enter the third wave of the regular phase with all characters mopped up, or brave a single boss encounter phase with everyone still alive. As for your non-healing characters, sometimes it's best to save their special attacks for the final wave of enemies and boss encounters. However, if you have a lone surviving zombie on your screen with no opponent to match, then go ahead and use the heroic skills that target that enemy. It's better to just pounce on that zombie one at a time rather than waste time making matches that float directly on it and don't hurt it




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