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Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers
  • Sybo Games ApS
  • Android IOS
  • May 21, 2021
  • 84.9MB

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ABOUT Subway Surfers


The game's graphics are gorgeous and exquisite, with a wide range of colors to make you feel comfortable, and it's very smooth and clean in operation. Help the main character evade the grumpy police and his dog by simply swiping up, down, left and right to avoid obstacles and oncoming trains. In the air you can also change direction left and right, and you can also double-tap the screen to bring up the skateboard, which is equivalent to adding a life in a limited time. The game also contains a variety of props such as spring shoes.

The goal is to run as far as possible, but also to collect as many gold coins on the tracks as possible, the game's perspective is facing the direction of the character forward.

After starting, the character changes the track by sliding left and right, other important controls are jumping and rolling, these actions are also operated in the same way as changing the track is sliding, slide up to jump, slide down to roll. These operations are the basic operation of the game, the game process we have to use these to make a variety of combinations.

And there are fun-filled critter star activities for you to participate in, and there is a new version of the role and skateboard surprise, bringing a different running feeling, participate in activities can also receive full of exclusive benefits!

How to play

Subway parkour, players will be the identity of the child Jake to avoid the police and hounds, in the three tracks shuttle, the oncoming train will come. Players have to avoid obstacles and police at the same time, as much as possible to get gold coins. When the user gets a certain amount of coins, he can buy props and characters.

There are magnets, flying backpacks, double score, sneakers, skateboards and other props in Subway Runner, among which skateboards need to be activated by double-clicking on the screen and can be purchased in the store in different styles, single increase in coin multiplier and distance acceleration for single use, treasure chests can be obtained in the game or purchased in the store, and the rest of the props need to be obtained during the game and can be upgraded 




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