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60 Seconds
60 Seconds
  • Robot Gentleman
  • Android IOS
  • May 5, 2020
  • 30M

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ABOUT 60 Seconds


60 Seconds! is a black comedy atomic adventure about treasure hunting and survival. Collect supplies and rescue your family before a nuclear weapon strikes. Stay alive in a radiation shelter. Make tough decisions, ration food and hunt down mutant cockroaches. Maybe survive. Or not.

60 seconds! Need at least an iPhone 5, iPad 3 or iPad mini 2.

As a responsible citizen and a family man, Ted faces a slight disruption to your happy suburban lifestyle. Nuclear disaster.

With just 60 seconds left until impact, guide Ted on a frantic, intense and kinetic dash through his house in search of his family and useful supplies. Everything will be against you - time, your own furniture, a house that's different every time you play and basic questions - what do you take and who do you leave behind?

Getting to the Fallout Shelter in time and staying alive is just the beginning. Whatever you pick up and whoever you save will play a vital role in your survival. Every survival story will be different, and every day will surprise you with unexpected events. Will all of these stories end well? It's up to you to decide. Ration food and water, make the most of your supplies, face tough choices, and even venture into the wasteland.

Good luck.

How to play

Sixty seconds, or one minute, may sound short, but in the game, every second seems crucial, especially since the survival mode is quite challenging.

In particular, players need to stock up on your supplies, rescue your family, and then jump to live in a shelter before a nuclear attack.

Props are divided into several categories: family, food, and tools

Family members: carry all of them as much as possible, although the consumption of food will therefore be exacerbated, but this also makes the forgiveness in survival mode becomes greater, and each family member has special events that can be triggered: for example, although the daughter occupies three spaces, but may produce a mutation because of special events, after the mutation will not be sick, will not be fatigued, and do not need to drink water, and go out to explore will definitely return, is extremely unbelievable existence. When the son goes out to collect supplies, he comes home faster (not sure), and there is a chance of getting a lot of supplies at once. When the wife exists then the event of watering the plants will be triggered, because this event can get 2~4 cans. And when supplies are extremely short, you can even save supplies by abandoning your family members who are in bad shape. Of course, the priority of saving family members is daughter > son > wife.

One thing to note is that the wife and the main character Ted are judged to be adults, and there should be an adult in the shelter, otherwise it will lead to game failure. And whether there is no adult, Ted died or did not return to the shelter, the game will also be declared a failure. Food: water is much more important than canned food, water is consumed faster and must be drunk once in 4 days, while canned food is consumed once in 7~9 days. And when the merchant comes to the door, you can also use water to exchange props. When preparing to collect food, cans of 3~5 cans or so is about the same, water is recommended to collect 5 bottles or more.




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