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Arrow Fest
Arrow Fest
  • Android IOS
  • July 26, 2021
  • 81.79MB

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ABOUT Arrow Fest


Arrow Fest is a very hot action game recently, you are an archer, you want to go to defeat the boss, so you need to continue to collect companions on the journey of adventure, the road can choose to add companions or multiply the companions, because the two props in the same line, so choose which depends on your choice. In this game there are many props for you to use, players in this game will try a very exciting breakthrough. A large number of levels waiting for you to challenge, a lot of fun equipment can be unlocked, and many character skin can be directly unlocked.

Each breakthrough is a challenge, very test the player's hand speed and reaction ability, the gameplay is also more bloodthirsty and exciting.

The world of mathematics is full of infinite expectations, where you can appreciate more knowledge; don't look at the simple number game, the difficulty is beyond your imagination, do you dare to come?

The world of arithmetic with the accumulation of each number, so that children continue to master new points.

How to play

Manipulate a bow and arrow with random navigation, on the runway through a wall marked with mathematical algorithms, so that your total number of arrows multiplied, so that you can successfully solve the opponents in the way, and try to make the total number of arrows more and more, at the end of the level will appear a large wave of opponents to block you.

It's time to control your arrows, choose the best gate and destroy everyone on the way! Collect lots of coins and upgrade your arrows and earnings!

Try to reach the maximum number of arrows to kill all the enemies and giants! Become an arrow to let the arrow pass through the side with a higher number of calculated results and increase the number of arrows in your bow. Be flexible to avoid various obstacles and collect as many arrows as possible. The greater the total number of bows and arrows at the end point, the higher the score bonus you can get. A variety of different animation scene is very exquisite, a variety of interface is also very high-definition. Colorful game play game play, the game player can choose a variety of methods to carry out the punch and its adventure, a variety of different a variety of game play is very diverse, the game player can feel free to experience. Wonderful challenge will be able to show your archery skills, in a variety of levels to present your archery skills according to the grind; each level is going to have a different overall goal, with your actual operation to challenge and its a lot of levels; here the challenge may continue to upgrade the difficulty factor, you must let yourself can show more extreme methods.




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