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Marvel Contest of Champions
Marvel Contest of Champions
  • Kabam Games, Inc.
  • Android IOS
  • 1 June 2021
  • 79M

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ABOUT Marvel Contest of Champions


Bring the Marvel Universe to your phone! Use your favorite Marvel superheroes and supervillains in an epic showdown in the ultimate cosmic showdown!

Captain America versus Iron Man! Hulk versus Wolverine! Spider-Man versus Deadpool! The greatest battle in Marvel history is within your grasp!

Collector, the voracious patriarch of the universe, calls upon you to join the army of heroes against the ranks of Conqueror Kang, Exterminator, Maestro, and other evil villains!

Assemble a team of superheroes and villains for the ultimate Marvel hero's journey!

Compete in arenas, team up with fellow Summoners, and earn exclusive rewards with your alliance!

Collect Marvel heroes with over 80 years of Marvel history! The Avengers, X-Men, Defenders, Inhumans, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four and more await your call to battle!

Build a competitive team of heroes.

- Assemble a formidable team of superheroes and villains to create a formidable lineup that enemies will covet!

- Earn rewards to upgrade heroes' values, abilities and special moves to form a powerful team

- Build your team wisely and gain teammate bonuses based on the bonding of your Marvel Comics teammates

- Implement different strategies and use multiple talent trees to enhance your team's offensive and defensive capabilities

- Collect over 190 Marvel heroes including Wolverine, Hulk, Black Widow, Groot, Black Panther, Thor, Nightcrawler, Stoneman, Laser Eye, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange and Phoenix! New heroes will be added to the battle for supremacy all the time!

Compete against the world's top summoners.

- Hone your fighting skills and go 1-on-1 against summoners from around the world. Battles are easy to learn, but only the strongest can truly master them!

- Take part in big tournaments to earn the best heroes, rewards and notoriety!

Battle in an epic, in-depth Marvel storytelling quest.

- Embark on an immersive story-line quest in classic Marvel narrative mode to stop the battlefield from falling apart in its entirety!

- Battle epic battles in iconic locations across the Marvel Universe, including Avengers HQ, the Orsgan Group, Klingon Prison, Wakanda, the Savage Land, the Immortal Palace, the S.H.I.E.L.D. SkyMother and many more!

- Explore dynamic replica maps and take on a moderately action-packed fighting adventure using a control system developed for mobile platforms

- Battle through up to six acts to defeat powerful leaders such as Kang and the Exterminators and earn valuable rewards

Fight alongside other powerful fellow Summoners in the League.

- Team up with friends and other Summoners to build the strongest alliance and connect with a vibrant community of Marvel and action fighting game fans

- Advise your alliance, earn exclusive rewards in battle and help bring their heroes home safely

- Fight in special replica maps and earn exclusive alliance rewards in alliance replicas

- Test the overall strength of your alliance and take on other alliances around the world in alliance wars!

- Team up with your friends and take on the challenges of the two-player co-op mode "Invasion"!

How to play

Gameplay features an energy system that limits the amount of mission-based combat a player can engage in. Energy is automatically recharged over time at a set rate, or players can replenish it manually. As players increase their level, the energy limit increases. Game items that affect the game (e.g. crystals) can be found at the end of a mission. In addition to the missions, users can also fight against opponents in the game's 'Versus' mode, which pits their champion against other players' champions in one-on-one matches or in a three-on-three limited time arena. Marvel Contest of Champions requires a constant internet connection in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

The controls are designed for touch, rather than tweaking buttons or virtual joysticks. Gameplay includes light, medium and heavy attack options, as well as blocking and dodging. Characters can back up or sprint forward, and each hero has his or her own three special attacks (unlocked through levels and stars), as well as unique abilities and signature powers. Synergy bonuses reward players for combining characters with unique relationships. For example, placing Dr. Doom and Mr. Fantastic on the same team rewards each team member with a 6% increase in attack power. When a character takes damage and deals damage, the power meter fills up, indicating the potential for unique moves. As players upgrade their characters, more powerful special attacks are possible, but they can be used less frequently because they cost more energy.

Characters can be upgraded with ISO-8 and gold, and upgraded with Catalyst, which are earned while fighting in story missions, special events and arenas. Profession-specific ISO-8s provide bonuses to heroes of a given profession. Completing missions provides XP (experience points) and unlocks the ability to add more heroes to a player's mission team, up to a maximum of 5 heroes. In addition to participating in the global chat feature, players can also join alliances. Alliances allow chat between other members and offer the opportunity to work together in alliance missions and wars, earning glory by upgrading materials and shards to form crystals.




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