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Golf Clash
Golf Clash
  • Playdemic
  • Android IOS
  • May 21, 2021
  • 109M

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ABOUT Golf Clash


We love a good wacky golf game, so it's no surprise that we couldn't put Golf Clash down. colorful, cartoon-like graphics are the perfect alternative to Clash's simple but effective arcade-y controls. Competing against other players in skirmish matches will unlock new clubs, new balls and new courses, which is the kind of hook even golfers can love.

The sun is shining and it's time to play the real-time multiplayer golf game everyone's talking about!

Take part in fine courses with players from around the world in tournaments, 1v1 golf matches and challenge your Facebook friends to a speech! After mastering your golf skills, upgrade your clubs and unlock tournaments to become the "King of Golf Clash"!

Enjoy rapid-fire duels in one of the most exciting golf games ever!

-Speed shooting 1v1 real-time gameplay

-Revolutionary shot system that is easy to learn but hard to master

-Dozens of golf courses -New courses added every month!

-Progress with more advanced excursions as you "up the ante"

-Play in weekly leagues to get promoted to win club card prizes

Bi-weekly Global Golf Tournaments - Become the King of Golf!

-Try the "Golden Globe" - win prizes by showing deadly shot accuracy!

-Unlock new clubs and balls for power, accuracy, spin and curl

-Save and share jaw-dropping

Stunning shot replays - Tease opponents in the game with chat and emoticons!

-Golf Clash clans can chat, share replays and work together to earn team rewards!

This is not your average sports game! Thousands of live players are online, waiting to be challenged to a golf match.

How to play

Mastering the controls of the game is all about timing. If you want to be successful in this game, then the first thing you need to learn is when to let go of the ball. Getting the ball to the ground is simple. You just need to pull the ball backwards until it touches the blue circle. Make sure everything is perfectly aligned. You will see a small target in the middle of the screen with the needle going back and forth over that target. The pin must be in the center of the bullseye in order to execute a perfect shot. This will take some practice as you will need to release the ball a bit before the needle reaches the center to get it perfectly aligned. This will take a lot of practice, but once you have mastered it, all other operations will become much easier.

The play will automatically set the target for you. However, this does not mean that you need to stick with it. Sometimes there may be a better position. Make sure to always check the route to see if the target location is optimal. Feel free to move it around at will. Being able to determine the best target takes some experience. Experiment a bit until you have a better understanding of each course.

  As a general rule, you should always aim for the fairway. If the area you are currently aiming at is too close to the sand and you are not sure if you can hit the ball perfectly, it may be better to aim for a safer spot. This may take you longer, but it is better than getting stuck in the wrong spot. Remember, you are playing against other players. If you want to win, you can't afford to take too many risks.




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