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ABOUT Valheim


"You are a warrior of the Imperium who died in battle, and the Valkyries have ferried your soul to the Imperium, the tenth divine realm in the North. This is a procedurally generated, purgatory-style 1-10 player exploration survival game. Fight, build and conquer to create your own legendary epic and earn Odin's favor!" In the game, you can camp, forge, kill enemies, build ships, and explore the massive world. The game can be played alone, call on friends, or join a long-term server of unknown players. This procedurally generated world is full of unknowns and random events, write your chapter of legend here!

Valheim is a "Norse mythology" themed survival game and a sandbox style game, similar to Minecraft, a survival game with Vikings as the main characters, a huge game map, lots of materials to collect freely and huge buildings to build on the map. Valheim combines Viking culture with Norse mythology to shape an open-world survival exploration game. You will feel the cold, you will feel the heat, there is a vast world waiting for you to explore, you can even see the delicate light shining on the soft grass, the occasional breeze shaking the leaves on the trees and the waves on the lake. You can also collect everything you can to build their own houses, farms, even castles, build boats, etc. Here is a free world, just like another world in your heart.

Game Features

-Free face painting system to create your own Viking protagonist

-3D game quality to make you feel more immersive

-Less content to download, less memory space required, but it does not affect the online experience too much

-Comfortable enough design, beautiful game graphics

How to play

The gods will only bless the brave. Go to the forest, to the mountains, to the polar regions, go exploring, explore and create more valuable resources, make more dangerous and powerful weapons, stronger and more durable armor, and build more majestic outposts.

Resource System

In Valheim, players play the role of a free character to hunt for resources or upgrade experience, but the collection class will have a common problem, that is, there are too many resources that can be obtained, and this will this means that players will have to manage a large inventory of materials in the game. In order to keep your backpack clean and tidy, you need to learn how to split it up properly. This nifty feature allows players to share food, supplies, and props with other players, and it's very easy to use: players simply hover over the item they want to split, then hold shift in and click on the item. After holding shift and clicking, a menu will pop up to select the number of items you want to split; if the number of targets is uneven, it defaults to half of the object or rounded up. The player can then modify the quantity to be split by sliding the mouse wheel.

Combat system

After actually playing this, you will feel that Valheim's combat is firstly quite good in terms of combat, and secondly, the equipment and weapons are quite Viking-specific. Different types of weapons also have different levels of proficiency. In a server, players can divide the work to cooperate to survive, but also to cooperate to fight, you build, I hunt, you use the axe, I use the bow and arrow. This setting gives players a stronger sense of immersion and professional mission, by the way, this work supports independent exploration or up to 10 people online, the recommended number of cooperative games is best in 3-5 people.




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