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ARK: Survival Evolved
ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Studio Wildcard
  • Android IOS
  • June 9, 2021
  • 66M

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ABOUT ARK: Survival Evolved


Waking up alone on an empty shore, you find yourself on a mysterious island full of dinosaurs "ARK", you are unarmed, hungry and cold, you must learn to hunt, get resources, make items, grow crops, develop technology and build shelters so that you can survive in this world. At the same time, you can also use your skills to kill or tame, breed, and ride those flooded beasts that live on this island. You can also build a tribe with hundreds of people to invade each other, survive... And escape from this isolated island!

Tame, train, breed & ride dinosaurs in a living ecology

Dinosaurs, creatures, and breeding!

The game offers over 50 different classes of primitive creatures for players to tame. The game uses a set of conquer-protect taming mechanics, where players need to first stun dinosaurs to weaken and tame them, then care for them until they are healthy again. Once tamed, it will become your most loyal companion, and you can give them orders, and they will give different feedback depending on how you tame and train them. Pets will constantly upgrade and consume food, and can also transport supplies and equipment props. The game also offers a unique breeding system where players can choose their pets on merit to cultivate the best attributes, or they can keep it simple and just have a baby dinosaur! You can ride a pterodactyl over the top of a snowy mountain, lead a pack of Velociraptors through a dangerous jungle, or chase down fleeing enemies on a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Come and experience this dynamic real-time ecosystem and find your place in the brutal hierarchy of predator and prey.

How to play

Food, water, temperature and weather

Harvesting, building houses, and drawing

Planting, cultivating, and growing

Summoning the final lifeform

Tribal system

Role-playing style growth system

Super hardcore game mode

Explore and discover the eternal and super cosmic view of the massive world




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