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Lords Mobile
Lords Mobile
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  • Android IOS
  • August 4, 2016
  • 654.5MB

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ABOUT Lords Mobile


The true king is dead, and as the last of the bloodline of the Knights of the Grail, you can recruit the dwarves, orcs, dark elves and other magical heroes of the fantasy world to join your kingdom, build your own powerful army, engage in fierce epic wars, and finally crush all your enemies to become king of the world and return to glory!

 Frontier Gate, a new tower defence The most anticipated tower defence game, Frontier Gate, is just waiting for you to challenge it! The most awaited tower defense game, Border Gate, is just waiting for you! Enlist your border guards, organize your invincible border guards and go to the borderlands to show off your skills!

Build your own kingdom

Upgrade your buildings, build walls, research technology, train your army, train your heroes, and mine food... the kingdom will only grow stronger under your glorious leadership and be proud of the world!

Military Formations and Strategies

The four major types of troops and six formations are flexible and versatile, they are mutually exclusive, turning defence into attack, and the battlefield changes rapidly! If you know yourself and your opponent, and have a clear strategy, the right formation will perfectly match the hero's advanced legion skills, and you will be able to overcome the strong with the weak and never lose a battle!

Secret Worlds Hero Recruitment 

Build your strongest heroes in the Secret World adventure. In the single-player level they are a five-player team with their own skills, but once they enter the legion war they become the super generals who lead the way and make or break the battle!

Alliance Gathering

Join the strongest alliances right now, allies are waiting for you to participate together in the most numerous and rich battle gameplay in the history of strategy games: Alliance War, Kingdom War, Spectacle Battle, Dark Lair Crusade, World Throne War, the wheels of great history will turn for you.

Billions of elites compete online

Defeat all opponents who stand in the way of your expansion and lead your kingdom on the road to world class glory!

Complete battle scenes recreated in real life

The cool 3D mode perfectly renders the tense and exciting battle, with wind, fire, thunder and lightning, and the hero's exclusive magic battle skills on display!

How to play

Players can recruit various heroes by collecting 10 of the same hero medal. Medals can be earned by completing Heroic Adventure chapters, challenging Elite Heroic Adventures, purchasing Mall packs, and participating in completing official events that are regularly or occasionally launched.

The maximum level of various heroes is 60. Players level up heroes and collect rank loot, which is used to raise the hero rank, thus unlocking more hero skills and legion skills. Collecting medals to evolve heroes can enhance their abilities and the power of their Legion skills.

The equipment carried by Lords in the game affects the player's overall stat bonuses, while the equipment carried by Heroes only affects the Heroes themselves. Only when a hero has collected all the equipment of his current class can he rise through the ranks.

Hero rank affects the amount of troops carried and skills unlocked, and hero medals affect the strength of legion skills and the base value of hero upgrades. Hero rank affects that affects the level of hero skills and the ability to wear the associated loot.

Players click on the specific skill icon on a single Hero's Legion skill screen to see if the skill is an Interior passive skill or a Military passive skill. If the skill is not an internal passive skill (e.g. R&D bonus, construction bonus, soldier training bonus, etc.), then as long as the hero is owned, he or she will receive the internal passive skill bonus of the corresponding army rank. If it is a military passive skill (e.g. increase in legion attack power, etc.), you will only be able to enjoy the military bonus attributes of the hero if you carry the hero in your expedition team




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