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Impostor vs Crewmate
Impostor vs Crewmate
  • Android
  • January 24, 2022
  • 62M

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ABOUT Impostor vs Crewmate


It's a spaceship piloted by a crew, and in the middle of a dull day, an impostor is suddenly mixed in, who will try to murder everyone without being detected, it must be found out quickly!

Impostor vs Crewmate is a fun action adventure game, if you play as the crew, you need to find and destroy the fake teammate, but it's not an easy task, the impostor is very smart and will try every way to hide himself, sometimes right next to you but you can't recognize it, control the character to start the battle, use various props and weapons to defeat the opponent.

If you are playing the role of the impostor. Then your task is very straightforward, to kill all the crew members of the ship and get out of here successfully, you can use different objects to hide, as well as the passages connecting the rooms of the ship can also be used to hide.

The game is very interesting, there are different game modes and characters, in the game you can enjoy the colorful level maps, where the constant adventure and battle. Choose freely from a variety of professions, weapons and characters, defeat more opponents and try to become the only strongest on the field.

The game itself is not difficult, but the levels get progressively more complicated and you need to overcome and laugh until the end.

How to play

Impostor vs Crewmate is a werewolf type game where the crew needs to find the "mole" hiding in the crowd, and there are two types of "mole" to win the game, the first one is The first is to let the player take the ship malfunction, can not return smoothly; the second is very dangerous and exciting, and constantly kill the crew, and finally get the game victory. This type of game gives players a lot of room to play, testing not only their judgment, but also everyone's acting skills, whether you are a "mole" or a smart crew member, you need to convince most people to carry out your judgment.

You will also meet a very large number of players in the same game, you need to give full play to your wisdom, the game super scenario map waiting for you to challenge, the game is suitable for players of all ages.




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