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  • ZigZaGame Inc.
  • Android IOS
  • April 12, 2021
  • 73M

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ABOUT Evertale


In the game you can capture and evolve monsters!

Capture, train and fight! Enter an open-world RPG filled with fantastical magic! Explore uncharted secrets, towns of every flavor, and mysterious underground ruins.

Join a team of mortals to free the world from the ancient curse of Pandemonium - Erden!

Collect, train and evolve over 180 monsters and characters for epic battles! You can play offline in single player mode or connect with players from around the world in fast-paced PvP leagues! You can even team up with your friends to solve missions and get exclusive equipment and rewards!

[Capture & Explore]

Capture, train and evolve over 180 monsters and characters, and weave an epic fantasy adventure with allies and enemies on a journey through the vast world of Erden! Explore the 6 realms of Erden and capture and collect unique and rare monsters from each area!

Find legendary weapons, accessories and equipment to enhance your character and make your team better in battle!

[Battles & Connections]

Build a winning team with hundreds of skill combos and dominate the field in classic 4-on-4 turn-based battles!

Play online PvP battles with players from around the world! Lead your team and allies to achieve special achievements and exclusive rewards!

Participate in special weekly online events to unlock limited event characters and great rewards!

[heart-stopping story]

Erden has been haunted since ancient times by an ancient spell called Pandemonium, a great calamity that befalls the world every 100 years. Only the fable of the Crestbearers can defuse these disasters, but so far to no avail....

And the two young brave men, as well as in the journey to meet partners, step by step to unravel the real secret of the ancient spell that haunts Erden.

How to play

The SSR is the strongest of all the characters and weapons, so you can brush an initial, but the probability is quite sensational. the cards below the R level are purely excessive, and the R level cards will start to work, so you can study the skills of the characters and what weapons to use.

The core of the character and weapon is the level cap, awakening is the icing on the cake, the level is the king.

The first evolution of SSR weapons can have 60 grade cap, equivalent to SR weapons full awakening, to the material is very little, the second evolution can have 80. SSR characters initial grade cap is 60, evolved once 80. SR characters initial grade cap 40, after the evolution also has 60. so these can be the core, or stronger than the R-class card. r card evolution full awakening, grade The upper limit is only 60, equal to the blank SR.

Then it is around your core role to group a team, now common ideas are ignition set, poison set, hypnosis set, summoning set. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at what the skills are, and it's easy to set up a set of cards out.

How to improve combat power?

(1) COST and gold

Both through the player level up tasks to get. Never play the gold task, gold gives as much, experience is still less, can not understand what the situation.

The player level determines the COST, COST about a 250 is basically enough, about 50 levels of the way.

First play the main line normal upgrade level, nothing to cut to the main interface to see how much magic (stamina), there are 25 to play the Normal character upgrade task.

The main line will send a lot of stamina potion, all save until you can play EX Hard and then drink, soon you will be able to 50.

One EX hard mission is about 2.3-2.4W experience, 7W5 gold.

(2) Role and weapons

The first part of the grass monster can not consume physical strength unlimited brush, so theoretically can be in the first part of the brush to the full level of the team. The later the map the higher the experience of the wild monsters, the highest place is near the Silver Nagoya cave transmission point, once about 1600, with a few group attacks can be brushed quickly.

(3) Card combination

The appropriate combination can greatly play combat power. For example, the following three R-class cards can easily set up a summoning set, and then take a tank can have a very strong survival and output, painting PVP are very good.

(4) push the main line

Push through all the main line as soon as possible, there are a lot of diamonds, props (equipped in the character that) and evolutionary materials, the main line push through the game is just beginning.

(5) Evolution

Evolution is the most important part after COST and level up. Evolution materials in the daily mission to play, all can drop. The six-star material drop rate is very sensational, so save a good potion targeted brush. The drop table is being summarized and will be released later.




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