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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • Rockstar Games
  • Android IOS
  • January 2014
  • 1.4GB

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ABOUT Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


The game is a stand-alone production using the GTA III engine released the year before. The engine's capabilities were improved upon in the original, including a more detailed vehicle damage system, tactical moves, and more operable vehicles such as motorcycles, helicopters, and small seaplanes. Because of the use of off-the-shelf engines, the game's development cycle was surprisingly short at 11 months, the shortest in GTA history, and yet it was an unprecedented success.

It is an 80's themed game, full of recreations of various American current affairs, music and pop culture of the time. The main character Tommy's story is largely based on the famous 80's hot-blooded gangster movie Scarface. The setting and atmosphere of the location is a great imitation of the famous 80's movie and television drama Miami Vice, "Sin City" itself is a remake of Miami as the model, from the geographical topography, and Miami's similarity than the previous film "Liberty City "The similarity between Miami and New York is much greater.

Welcome back to Sin City. Welcome back to the 80s.

A decade of wild haircuts, overindulgence and soft suits is the story of one man's rise to the top of the criminal world. vice city is a huge city that spans different areas: beaches and swamps, expensive business districts, entertainment streets and slums. vice city is one of the most diverse, inclusive and dynamic digital cities ever created. Non-linear game mechanics, combined with a gripping story about the protagonist, transport you to a metropolis full of sensations and dangers. You decide how to take over the city.

To celebrate Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's 10th anniversary, Rockstar Games is releasing the game for mobile devices with HD graphics, improved controls, and a host of new features, including.

- Excellent, improved graphics, character models and lighting effects

- Adapted, precise shooting and aiming options

- Fully customizable controls

- iCloud support to save games

The result - an extensive campaign that delivers countless hours of gameplay fun

- Support for devices with Retina display

- Custom iTunes playlists *

* To listen to your own playlists, simply create a playlist titled "VICECITY", launch the game and select "Cassette Deck" from the radio station.

How to play

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a high degree of freedom of the U.S. version of the game, a wide range of tasks, mostly in the background of gang life racing and shooting missions, each mission has a different difficulty and bonuses, to complete the mainstream mission clearance takes about 50 hours, 100% mission clearance requires 80-100 hours.

For example: Chapter 1: Mainstream Missions

This task to grab a tank car, drive to the designated point will find an army in the vicinity of the protection, follow the side slowly, do not get too close, and do not want to open the door of the tank car, because it is locked, as long as slowly follow, wait until a place where the army will stop, and the tank car will get off to buy donuts, take this time to rush to open the tank, and then drive as soon as possible to the designated garage parked on the completion. Reward: 2000 Reward: 5000 Reward: 1000

Anyway, the storyline is that in 1971, Sonny, the head of the Foreili family, asks Tommy Vercetti to assassinate a man who lives in the Harwood district of Liberty City (the location of the previous GTA3) who intends to sabotage the business of the Forelli family. But when he arrived in Harwood, he was ambushed by 11 assassins. Tommy had to kill them and was eventually arrested and faced murder charges. He was sentenced to death, but due to the intervention of the Frehley family, he only served 15 years in prison. 1986 saw Tommy's release from prison. Sonny wanted to start a drug business in Sin City (Vice City, based on the real Miami), but did not want to "get involved" himself, so the forgotten "Harwood Butcher" Tommy became the perfect candidate. With the money and Frehley's two bodyguards, and Sin City's legitimate receptionist, the neurotic lawyer Ken Rosenburg (Ken Rosenburg) after meeting, Tommy went to the docks and the local drug dealers Vance (Vance) brothers deal, did not expect the word leaked, the transaction was robbed by heavily armed unknown characters and interrupted, both sides of the money and goods, heavy losses, Frehley's two bodyguards were Vance brothers also died a person (later confirmed to be the older brother Victor, the prequel work "Grand Theft Auto: Sin City Story" protagonist), Tommy jumped into Ken's car to escape a robbery ...... then what will happen next? Let's go explore together!




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