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Cat Spa
Cat Spa
  • HyperBeard
  • Android
  • October 29, 2021
  • 107M

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Cat Spa is the adorable management simulation game your body has been craving! At the fuzziest massage parlors and spas around, Cat Genie will help you relax and take away all your worries.

Be the boss! Hire a variety of cat fairies as your staff and watch the animal customers arrive. No children allowed! Cat Spa is for adults only.

Unlock and decorate a variety of spaces, including the main massage room (who doesn't like "couples massages" with random strangers), a lounge for your staff to relax and recover, and even a hair salon for your favorite animal guests! We may even add a restaurant if you get hungry. Who knew?! Cat Elf does what Cat Elf wants.

Listen carefully to your customers and staff and collect all sorts of cute snapshots and stories. There's a lot going on in a Cat Elf-run massage parlor! We promise, everything is

Bright and shiny ;) no slacking off in this game. Providing quality massages and personal care is a tough job! Be sure to check in often and make sure you're maximizing your profits to grow even bigger!

Experience a wave of healing new life at Cat Spa... With Cat Genie~

How to play

Cat Spa game is a very cute style simulation game, in which our protagonist is a very cute kitty, which contains a very good friend of the core gameplay content, you can raise more cute animals to play with you, run a massage store of their own, to recruit more customers to play oh.

It's the management simulation game your body has been craving, and the cat goblins will help you relax.

Eliminate all the worries that come with the fuzziest massage parlors and spas around.

Become the boss when your staff hires a variety of kittens, watch out for the animals as customers enter, and

Unlock and decorate a variety of spaces, including the main massage room, a lounge for staff to relax and recuperate.

As well as a hair salon for the most ardent animal guests, and we can even add a restaurant if you are hungry.

Listen carefully to our customers and staff and collect a variety of lovely snapshots and stories.




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