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Queen Bee
Queen Bee
  • Android IOS
  • July 26, 2021
  • 49.28MB

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ABOUT Queen Bee


ueen Bee!" is a standardized action parkour game set in a campus setting, where players need to start exciting parkour activities from different campus environments, collect various fashion props such as clothes, bags, food, etc. to become the fashion queen of the campus and become the queen bee who is loved by all. The game provides a wealth of character shapes, hair styles and accessories, and more than ten sets of costumes that players are most concerned about. In addition, although the scene of the game is limited to the campus, but also according to the different scenes of the design of the rich campus environment.

The graphics are realistic and unique. The characters are in life-size, and each collection will be prompted accordingly. Players only need to follow the tips in the game to collect, and they can easily advance to the fashion queen. For the convenience of players, each prop has a unique beautiful aperture, so that players can view and select in a timely and accurate and efficient manner.

Your choice will make you queen bee or loser. Take care of yourself, stay fashionable and become the most popular girl in school. But be careful, fame and fortune are hard to come by and easy to lose. If you are the darling of fashion and new trends, if you are keen to become the queen of the campus, then make sure you don't miss this game easily!

How to play

Campus female theme action parkour casual hand game. Players play the role of a powerful student in the campus, collect various clothing accessories, maintain their fashion image, become the most popular girl in the campus.

Players in the process of moving forward through the collection of props, become a fashion leader to attract other characters to follow, each prop has a popular, avant-garde fashion color, fashion clothing, special food, popular bags, avant-garde trendy things, each can help players become the campus fashion pioneer, trendy queen. Of course, there are also many traps on the road to success, whether it's slippery water stains on the ground, or depressed characters coming from the face, or rival factions with conflicting interests, all will become obstacles to the player's fashion road.




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