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Game of Sultans
Game of Sultans
  • Xiamen Mechanist Internet Technologies Ltd.
  • Android IOS
  • May 13, 2021
  • 76.55MB

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ABOUT Game of Sultans


You are the king! Now rule like a king!

Step into the Topkapi Palace and revive the glory of the Ottoman Empire! Starting with the Sultan, you will rule your own empire, which will include the famous Vizier, compete with the allies for the victor of the Union War and conquer the human world! 

Sultan Games is an exciting combination of empire simulation and role-playing game in which you can take on the role of a Sultan - King of Europe and the Middle East! Every detail has been polished to the point that players may get lost in brutal warfare, military strategy, romantic flirtations, imperial management, political intrigue, and more!


-Become a Sultan- The empire awaits your command!

-Put the harem together-Flirt with beautiful and influential queens!

-Recruit warlords-Convene an impressive council of historical missionaries!

-Raise a family-Raise children lovingly from birth until they reach adulthood!

-PvP Battles - Command your army against other players from around the world!

-Build alliances -Make friends and enemies and fight for justice!

-Turkish Coffee - Enjoy, chat, and then listen to the fortune teller read the coffee grounds!

The Ottoman Empire brought many changes, full of brutal conquests, romantic history, creativity, prosperity, war, rebellion, love, marriage and delicious coffee!

How to play

You will play and open the military life of the Sultan - an emperor whose power spans Asia and Europe. The Sultan's richly detailed game and its homage to Ottoman history will immerse players in an overwhelming plot of battles, military strategy, harem life, empire management, political intrigue and more! Players will experience the history of the development of the ancient medieval Ottoman Turkish Empire, of which you are the creator!

Away from the fierce battlefields, you will have the leisure to wander and meet friends and beloved companions. Lovely pets will also add to the fun of your royal life. Come and enjoy an amazing journey through exotic landscapes and splendid cultures!




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