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Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen
Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen
  • Elex
  • Android IOS
  • October 28, 2021
  • 104M

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ABOUT Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen


Do you want a game with three-dimensional characters, a rich plot, a wide variety of costumes and beautiful scenery? Nicky and Momo are waiting to share their adventures with you. This game focuses on costume design, high quality graphics and fun gameplay. A 3D gaming experience for girls. Dedicated to girls who have wonders and dreams. The main character, Nikki, embarks on a magical journey through seven different countries as she collaborates with designers and stylists from different countries to interpret various design styles and stories. With nearly 300,000 words of dialogue and descriptions, the book's plot rivals that of a novel.

Everyday fashion, European, vintage, fairy tale, unisex, sci-fi ...... Tens of thousands of gorgeous costumes to choose from. Almost every style of clothing is covered. Players can collect new costumes and upgrade their closet by completing daily in-game challenges. With the support of a team of talented artists, we are constantly adding new costumes each month to ensure the game keeps up with new trends.

Hundreds of style designs available for free: In the free design mode, you can design your own outfits, hair, makeup and accessories, as well as change the background and design to your liking.

Customized designs: By collecting different colors of dyes, players can change the color of their clothes at will. By collecting clothing patterns and unpacking leftover garments, they can customize them to their liking, upgrading simple outfits into more elegant and fashionable ones.

Designer's Costume Battle: Players can compete and battle against designers from around the world in a variety of costume themes. Over 10 different "skills" are available for use in costume battles. Use your "skills" at the right time to turn the tide.

Play with friends: You can also make new friends by participating in various activities in the game.

How to play

Follow in the footsteps of Nicky and Momo as they visit different countries and work with stylists from different countries to create different designs and interpret different stories.

Props and props: costumes. Costumes are the most important elements of the game, divided into hair, jumpsuits, jackets, tops, pants, socks, shoes, accessories, makeup and glittering spirits; props are divided into headwear, earrings, necklaces, hand jewelry, cell phone belts, special items and leather goods. Each costume has four different styles: simple/cute, innocent/sexy, lively/elegant and warm/cool. Some costumes have special style labels such as "Fairy Tale Style", "Japanese Style", "Unisex", "Wedding Dress", "European Classical", "Young Lady", "Ballerina", "Chinese Classical" and "Chinese Modern". Some game tasks have style requirements, and it is difficult to get a high score unless you have the right dress style.

Skills:Skills that can be cast in battle and can be upgraded with gold coins.

Scene Map:There are seven countries on the continent. They are Apple Federation, Lilith Kingdom, Empire of Clouds, Carrier Pigeon Kingdom, Northland Kingdom, Wasteland Republic and Ruin Island.

Achievement System: The achievement system is a great way for players to earn diamonds and gold. There are two types of achievement systems: level achievements and set achievements.

Huts: Huts provide furniture and interior decoration, and care vouchers can be earned through Life Points. This system was introduced in the April 2017 release.

World Tour: allows you to visit all the attractions on the Marvel continent. This system was launched on Christmas Eve 2018.




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