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Talking Tom Gold Run
Talking Tom Gold Run
  • Outfit7 Limited
  • Android IOS
  • September 14, 2021
  • 111M

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ABOUT Talking Tom Gold Run


Tom Cat Parkour" is a parkour game, "Tom Cat Parkour" by the "talking Tom Cat" production team to create the original team, the game characters are from the creator of the global phenomenon "talking family". Tom Cat, Angela, Hank dog and other favorite pets are all transformed into parkour masters, in order to chase the robbers to retrieve the gold nuggets, build a dream home to start a tense and exciting, but also humorous and funny racing journey.

Roy Rakoon runs with the stolen gold! He works for The Rakoonz, who are trying to steal all the gold in the entire world. It's up to you and Tom to catch up with Roy, drop the truck and retrieve the gold.

Join the shake-up chase

Run, jump and race through the streets as you rush to catch up with Roy (Roy), and dodge cars, trucks and roadblocks as you drive. Watch out for obstacles and oncoming traffic as you traverse highways, elevated roads and subways in this epic sprint with Tom (Tom).

Awesome boosts

Pick up the pace with powerful boosters. Use lightning bolts, helmets and magnets to accelerate, bounce and fill the safe with gold! Run, surf the streets at supersonic speeds and the soar through the sky the.

Explore exciting worlds

This is not an ordinary runway. Enjoy endless fun as you travel through secret tunnels leading to subways, lost cities, candy lands, under the sea and even outer space. You will discover many new worlds as you run.

Challenge yourself and win!

Take part in races and compete with other players for fun. Race to the finish line and finish first on the podium to be number one. If you run at supersonic lightning speed, you can do it!

Play with your favorite characters

Tom isn't the only friend along the way. Unlock the talking Angela, talking Hank, talking Ben and talking Ginger as you go along. They're all on an epic sprint to stop The Rakoonz, and they plan to have a lot of fun along the way!

Those who love Taking Tom games like My Talking Tom 2, My Talking Angela, My Talking Tom Friends and Talking Tom Hero Dash, as well as those who love running games and racing games, will also enjoy this game. Download Talking Tom Gold Run for free!

How to play

Jumping, sliding and dodging are the most basic and important operations of Tomcat Runner. The talking Tom Cat and his friends are like martial arts masters with "Ling Bo Wei Bu", dodging and moving around in different scenes. Whether it's a roadblock, a vehicle or a puddle in front of you, as long as you avoid the operation in time, you can easily turn the danger into a bargain.

Game Screenshot

Game screenshots

[Dragon Slam: Helmet] When you can't dodge the obstacles in time, do you just let yourself easily dogged? Of course not! In the parkour process, players have the opportunity to pick up "helmets" and use direct impact to clear all current obstacles.

The actual "double gold bar" is also a great tool to increase the player's gold bar earnings. After picking up this prop, the number of gold bars collected by the player will be doubled, the same operation brings 200% gain, this feeling is very exciting to think about!

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot of gold bars in front of you, and you will not be able to collect them all. The "Tom Cat Parkour" "magnet" props can be the perfect solution to this problem for you ~ players pick up the magnet, you can in a period of time all the gold bars around the "suck" over. 

The "ladder cloud vertical" is a light skill of the Wudang school, which allows people to leap directly into the air, not only to get out of the battle instantly, but also to get a chance to breathe. In "Tom Cat Run Cool", there also exists a prop with similar effect to this move - "airplane". Players pick up the props, you can drive the plane in the air completely free of obstacles to collect gold bars, in the process of intense and exciting parkour, driving the plane is undoubtedly a rare leisure time; and parachute landing, players in a short time will not encounter obstacles. It is worth mentioning that the plane and the aforementioned helmet, magnet, double gold bar the same, can be upgraded through the gold cabinet to open the reinforcement props to improve the duration of props




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