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Clue: The Classic Mystery Game
Clue: The Classic Mystery Game
  • Marmalade Game Studio
  • Android IOS
  • March 29, 2021
  • 44M

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ABOUT Clue: The Classic Mystery Game


Cluedo is the classic crime game of millions, and now you can also easily play Hasbro's popular family game Cluedo anytime, anywhere. download the official app and solve mysterious cases!

WHO, which weapon and location to use? A mansion ...... a gruesome murder ...... a meeting of six suspects. Join Miss Gloria, Colonel Von Gatto, Baroness Von Boetsch, Reverend Glenn, Dr. Orchidee and Professor Bloom at Cluedo Mansion for a night of crime.


CLASSIC CRIME BOARD GAME - You can play the classic crime board game CLUEDO alone or online with family and friends in multiplayer mode!

Advanced Board Game - No double wins, no ad pop-ups. Hasbro Approved Apps

NOBLE-Find your way to the solution and train your detective skills in the classic crime board game.

Single Player - Play against our AI and choose your difficulty level.

Online Multiplayer Mode-Play the classic CLUEDO game with people from all over the world. Or play private multiplayer games with friends and family.

10 other designs - Follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes with the CLUEDO Season Pass or go on a spectacular adventure in Egypt.

How to play

Doctor, Blake from the manor has been murdered! And who was it? With what weapon? In which room Six suspects have arrived, and now it's up to you to determine who committed the evil crime.

Using your dice, you will travel through the luxurious mansion. Along the way, you will ask the following questions: ""Is it Miss Gloria who is doing the research?"" "With the innovative virtual evidence sheets, you can eliminate notes and wrong tracks. Follow every clue and bewilderingly seek solutions.

Now you can play CLUEDO your way!

Play the classic Hasbro Crime board game the way you want to. You can create private games with family and friends in multiplayer mode. Or automatically search for teammates and CLUEDO fans from around the world. In single-player mode, you can choose your own difficulty level for AI opponents. Test your skills in hard mode or easily in easy mode.

Never miss a hint again!

The ideal companion for every detective: the virtual CLUEDO evidence list helps you take notes when drawing conclusions. Use the evidence list to refine your strategy and win the classic Hasbro board game.

CLUEDO - Crime Thriller

Hasbro's classic crime board game is perfect for training your detective skills. Find solutions and train your brain with tricky puzzles about who the killer of Dr. Dr. is. It could be black.

Discover wonderful new worlds with the CLUEDO Season Pass!

Ten different game boards with CLUEDO Season Passes are waiting for you. Roam the dark streets of Victorian London, where Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson solve the most terrifying of all crimes. Or travel to the hot deserts of Egypt, where archaeological digs serve as the backdrop for Agatha Christie-inspired murders. Each design brings new characters and a fascinating 3D game board.




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