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Fidget Trading 3D
Fidget Trading 3D
  • Android IOS
  • July 19, 2021
  • 263.92MB

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ABOUT Fidget Trading 3D


Fidget Trading 3D: Fidget Toys is a fresh cartoon style casual simulation interactive game that mixes a range of different game styles to create something interesting. There are deals to be made, bubbles to burst, objects to slice and load more, and players are able to master the psychology of their opponents with the help of simple rules to start various deals with the help of toys. The game provides more than 200 different styles of various toys, players need to combine different toys in the level to trade with opponents, earn gold, open more rich toys. All the props in the game are made of realistic toy shapes and unique toys, which enriches the trading chips in the game. In addition to the common puzzle toys, the game also provides imitations, dolls and drawing boards.

The game is easy to play and easy to learn, so you can get the most out of your opponent's psychology. Hurry up and download it!

How to play

In the game you will collect a variety of different unique toys, the game is simple and easy to use.

Players need to exchange appropriate toys with each other, and players can judge their current profit in the exchange according to the suggestion mark on the left side, green represents positive gain, red represents negative gain. When a player trades a toy that is worth more than the opponent's player, the player can ask the other player for additional toys to make the deal possible. Once both players feel that the deal can be made, the transaction can be completed.

Although each prop is not marked with a specific price, players can judge the result of the transaction with the help of the suggestion mark on the left side of the screen, and find out the option that best meets their interests among the three options of stopping the transaction, adding items and agreeing to the transaction to win gold coins and open a richer selection of special toys. The simple graphics contrast with the depth of gameplay, allowing players to experience a dazzling decompression in a casual game.

Trade unique annoyances, master understanding the psychology of your opponents, develop trading skills, use the infamous scam strategy or make honorable trades! It all depends on your style of play.

Make lucrative trades and become an expert in FidgetToys. Play hundreds of annoying. Are you ready to become the world's most relaxed fidgety billionaire?

You can also interact with toys in a variety of ways, the game has a variety of fun mini-games waiting for you, trade to get more toys, recommended for players who like casual games.




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