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Grand Order
Grand Order
  • Komoe
  • Android IOS
  • April 30, 2021
  • 91M

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ABOUT Grand Order


TYPE-MOON's new mobile "Fate RPG"!

Featuring impressive main scenes and multiple character quests.

The game features millions of words of original story!

Includes content that both fans of the Fate series and newcomers can enjoy.

2017 AD

The Chaldeans, an organization tasked with watching the future of Earth, have confirmed that human history will be wiped out in 2019. 2017

The promised future disappears without warning.

Why? How? WHO? What to do?

Advertisement. 2004, a rural town in Japan.

For the first time in history, an unobservable area appears.

Assuming this is the cause of human extinction, the Chaldeans conduct their sixth experiment - traveling into the past.

They transformed humans into spirit children and sent them back in time in a forbidden ritual. By intervening in the event, they will locate, identify and destroy the temporal singularity.

The mission classification is the order to protect humanity: the Great Order.

This is the title of those who oppose human history and fight against fate in order to protect humanity.

How to play

The secretly established research organ "Phineas Chaldean" (Chaldean for short) combines various technologies to observe the history of mankind one hundred years later to ensure that the era of mankind will survive forever.

Six months before the beginning of the story, Chaldean in an observation, found that human history suddenly in July 2016 extinct. Looking into the reason, the researcher believes that the same observation, the same time, seven sudden appearance in the timeline of "special points" related. In order to perpetuate human history, Chaldean recruited 48 humans, including the protagonist, who can perform the spirit transfer, to go to the past to investigate and correct the "special points".

The first part, the main story around the protagonist to correct the seven "special points" (the most popular players for the seventh special point, the sixth special point, the two have released anime episodes and the theatrical version).

The second part, the world is invaded by the anomaly belt, the protagonist needs to continue to fight to save the world.




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