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  • So Far So Good
  • Android IOS
  • April 23, 2021
  • 137M

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ABOUT Incredibox


Incredibox is a music video game developed and published by So So So Good (SFSG), a French company. The concept of the game is for users to drag and drop sound icons onto different characters to make music. Players can find combos to unlock animation bonuses and record remixes to rank for points. Auto mode can also be used to generate endless compositions of randomness.

Incredibox is a music application that lets you create your own music with the help of a group of happy beatmakers. Choose your style of music from 7 impressive vibes, then start laying down, recording and sharing your mixes.

Part game, part tool, Incredibox is first and foremost an audiovisual experience that has quickly become popular with people of all ages. The right combination of music, graphics, animation and interactivity make Incredibox ideal for everyone. Because Incredibox makes learning fun and interesting, it is now being used in schools all over the world.

How to play? Simple! Drag and drop the icon onto the avatar to make it sing and start creating your own music. Find the right combination of sounds to unlock an animated chorus that will enhance your tone.

Save, share and download your mixes! Once the composition sounds great, simply save it and you'll get a link to the remix. You can easily share it with anyone so they can listen or even vote on it.

If your remix sounds great and gets enough votes from other users, keep track of Incredibox's history by joining the top 50 charts. Ready to show off your stuff?

Too lazy to create your own remixes? No problem, let the automatic mode do the work for you!

Drain and cool ;)

How to play

ncredibox is a music production application in which users can create remixes by managing a combination of seven animated metronomes. Once one of the eight versions (or music styles) available is selected, the player is provided with an interface consisting of seven blank characters and twenty sound icons. These icons are divided into the following categories (five per category): Beats, Effects, Melodies and Sounds. Each icon is a unique a capella sound loop that can be dragged and dropped from a series of hats, sunglasses, masks, headphones or other items that wear them while in use and allow them to sing rhythmically with each other to find the character (representing all versions of the music composer). To fine-tune the mix, the player can also swap new sounds, mute the sounds, solo one of them, find combos to unlock animation bonuses, and record all these interactions to share on social media via URLs. Contributors can then listen and vote for their favorite tracks all the way up to Incredibox's top 50 charts. For users who just want to listen to the endless mixes, the automatic mode plays a random loop of each version.




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