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Run of Life
Run of Life
  • Voodoo
  • Android IOS
  • June 8, 2021
  • 126.88MB

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ABOUT Run of Life


Life growth as the theme of the action parkour free hand game. Each level in the game represents a person's life, each layer of the ladder represents a year of the passing years, each choice will determine your life path, seemingly simple action gameplay, under the meaningful settings, access to a more muddy game connotation.

Run of Life" has simple but realistic graphics, although the scenes and levels are very simple to build, the game is a fun casual breakout game. Players can carry out exciting challenges in the game, rich game content can make the player's knowledge of the game more profound, a large number of levels, in the game to operate the character to challenge, in order to get a better score will have to collect the game props, but in order to reflect the characteristics of different age characters, the game specially designed from young children to 80 years old crone, a variety of height, clothing, hair and many other details of the character. Hair and many other details of the differences in the character shape. Let the player as if in the game, you can actually feel the different states of people in the process of life, sickness and death, lively young, handsome adults, dying old and so on.

How to play

The goal of "Run of Life" is to make their characters younger, players need to exhaust all means to reduce the growth of age within the level, slowing down the aging of the character, in order to get higher points reward at the bottom of the level. And these options come from lower steps, abundant age-reducing props and positive energy options, etc. After all, each step on the steps age will increase by one year, a variety of props can reduce a minimum of 1 year, and the right choice will also allow the character to obtain a greater degree of age reduction. Fun casual parkour gameplay, operation of a cute fat, in the process of parkour continue to lose weight, the road is always full of danger, a variety of obstacles and food temptation, the process of breaking through the need to be flexible to avoid. Master a lot of parkour skills to help you easily cope with the danger, to be able to become the strongest parkour role. The game has a lot of interesting challenges to play freely, a variety of challenges can be brought to the player in this adventure world.

There are also a lot of interesting modes can be unlocked freely, so that every player can have a joyful adventure.




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