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The House of Da Vinci
The House of Da Vinci
  • Blue Brain Games s.r.o.
  • Android IOS
  • July 15, 2020
  • 89MB

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ABOUT The House of Da Vinci


Enter the House of Leonardo da Vinci, a new 3D puzzle adventure game that is a must try. Solve mechanical puzzles, discover hidden objects, escape rooms and dive into the authentic atmosphere of the Renaissance. Use all your wits to find out what's behind your master's disappearance.

Game features.

Solve mechanical puzzles

Brain teasers and puzzling riddles are based on Leonardo's inventions.


Intuitive touch controls to navigate Leonardo's workshop intuitively. Playing the game couldn't be more fun.

Experience the Renaissance

War machines, complex cipher boxes, mechanical puzzles, and escape rooms will all test your skills.

Master unique mechanics

Detect hidden objects by looking at the surfaces around you.

Review the past

An unusual glove allows you to witness events that happened before and learn more about the story.

- What is the story behind Da Vinci's House? --

You are Leonardo da Vinci's most promising apprentice. Your master Leonardo has disappeared. You don't know where he went or what happened. So you begin your quest, your search for the truth. However, Leonardo's studio is full of puzzles, inventions, escape mechanisms and items hidden in all corners of the beautifully decorated room. You need to use all your brain cells to find out what's going on!

We've applied our imagination to the story of Leonardo da Vinci, the world's greatest inventor, providing players with unique special abilities throughout the game. We take you back to the early days of your young apprenticeship, exploring the surrounding 16th century world, peering into Da Vinci's mechanisms, puzzles and devices, and eventually you will become powerful enough to control time and learn the secrets hidden in the past.

Many of the challenging puzzles are inspired by the real inventions and ideas of Leonardo da Vinci. The mysterious locations are based on original artwork and created in Florence, Italy in 1506.

How to play

The story takes place in Florence, Italy during the Renaissance. The player is Leonardo da Vinci's most promising pupil. Leonardo has disappeared. The player sets out to find the truth in his house. However, Leonardo's studio is full of puzzles, inventions, escape mechanisms and objects hidden in various corners of the decorated rooms. The player must solve a series of puzzles in different rooms in order to find out if Leonardo da Vinci left him any messages.

In addition to the complex physics-based puzzles, the player has access to two lenses with supernatural abilities. One, he can see hidden codes, and the other he can see what happened in the past. The player occasionally sees letters from his master Leonardo da Vinci and his opponents. After completing each level, the player gets closer and closer to the truth.




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