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Last Day on Earth: Survival

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ABOUT Last Day on Earth: Survival


In the future, in the year 2027, there is an outbreak of influenza. The pandemic wiped out most of the world's population and turned them into zombies. The few who survived had antibodies to the virus, but needed to beware of zombies and other hostile survivors who could still do harm.

You will play as a lone survivor in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, forced to find food and shelter in a hostile environment. In the game, collect supplies to build houses and make weapons/tools in forests, mines and different special locations. At the same time, need to satisfy their hunger and thirst level. Sometimes there will even be body cleanliness, internal emergency and coldness, and players can fight zombies or hostile survivors and attack hostile players' bases to obtain different rewards. You can also raise puppies as your companions, protect yourself and go to inaccessible places.

How to play

Your first few days in the wasteland may be tough to find your way through this dangerous world in time! But remember, your goal is to survive in a hostile environment, build your base, gather resources, and fend off invaders both living and dead.

You will spawn on a piece of land that will serve as your base camp. Initially it will have a selection of basic resources - stone, wood, berries, a little iron ore and some zombies/wolves/deer. This area will serve as your haven in the world, where resources will not respawn. You may notice that your food/water has dropped quickly, but don't worry. Your first goal is to survive and collect food to stave off hunger. Later you will have to expand the area so you can place useful buildings such as campfires, furnaces, small boxes, etc. First, grab some common logs and limestone from the ground to make an axe. If you encounter zombies or wolves, don't panic. You can easily kill anything you encounter on this map, so just wave your hand. If you take too much damage, collect some berries - in the near future they will become your main source of healing.


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